Not Until You Tried

Nagkakagulo ang buong Pilipinas sa bagong ad ng Jollibee. Everyone’s talking about it! And if you still haven’t watched it or clicked the link, it’s about a man talking about her love for the woman walking down the isle on her wedding day. We fall in love as we see the times they spent together only to find out that she’s not marrying him. It’s a classic story of unrequited love. Halos lahat nagbubuhos ng mga feels nila over this ad. My feed was filled with people’s expression of hurt, loss and even anger towards this fast food company who capitalised on their emotions! Well, siguro kasi halos lahat naman nagkaroon ng experience sa unrequited love.

Incidentally, when this ad came out, I was also writing a story about a girl who is about to give up on love when she realised that she hasn’t really done anything to chase after love. She’s giving up even before she tried. How do you even start to find love and try to be in love? Many would say that you shouldn’t chase or look for love, it will come to you. Some would tell you that, just like anything you wish to achieve, you can secretly attract love. Sa panahon ngayon, lahat kaya ng i-hack, pati ang pag-ibig. Makes sense right? Well, this girl in my story will try and do something before she gives up. Maybe I’ll find the answer while writing this story, right?

So going back to this commercial, I began to wonder if this guy even tried to tell the girl how he feels? I know it’s just a commercial pero diba? Paano siya umabot dun? Did he have to wait until the priest asks kung may gustong tumutol sa kasal? Did he have to wait for that dramatic moment where he would interrupt the wedding and confess his love for her? Or he really love her so much that he’s willing to let her go? I just hope this guy tried to do something before he gave up on their happy ending.

I guess what I really want to say is that you shouldn’t give up on something (whether it’s love, an ideal weight or a story to write) until you tried and did everything to get it. Diba? Lahat ng ‘to ng dahil sa commercial? No big deal! :))

With love (to give and to find), K.




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