Password: Travel2016

I’m currently sick, tied to my bed (not literally but you get the point) with the worst cough, drowsy eyes and bad fatigue SINCE YESTERDAY. Besides feeling bad physically, I hate feeling weak just when the year has just started; just when I have all the will power to get things done, to work out, to clean up my house and everything else that I plan to do!

But being the stubborn girl that I am, hindi ako magpapatalo sa sakit. With the very little energy I have, I will try and get some things done like this blog that I’ve been meaning to write. HAHAHA! (Score so far: flu-1; me-1)

I read somewhere that it helps to remind yourself of your goal everyday. Mas madali daw matutupad yung goal mo kapag araw araw mo naalala. You can call it law of attraction or simply just repeatedly nagging yourself to do it! Well, one way to remind yourself of your goal everyday is through your passwords; either in your office desk, email or Facebook page. So that’s what I did! I wanted to travel despite the busy work schedule I had so I used Travel2016 as my password for most of the year. Of course, nag-eexpire yung password kaya kung anu-anong variations ang ginawa ko as long as may word na travel. And it worked! Ang dami kong napuntahan last year, the most I’ve had in a year. Halos lahat first time pa kaya mas exciting.

During March, I went to Antipolo with Jancy and Hyro. It was a random trip, yung tipong sa daan kami naghahanap ng hotel na ibu-book.
I went to Potipot for the first time for our department outing. May konting work pero enjoy parin! Basta may dagat, enjoy!
Another first time in Baler with some of the best people I met last year! Na-SEApanx talaga ako sa kanila after this trip.
Then, there’s HK with the family. You already know about that trip.
DISNEYLAND!! This is where I live in my dreams. Ito yung highlight ng HK trip namin!
Bangkok! Babalik ako dito for sure!
Then, we had this unexpected trip to Bicol to say goodbye to my dear Lola. 🙂
SAN FO!!! This is Lombard Street aka the crooked street.

NOTE: I shall write separate entries for every city I went to in the US or probably just one entry for the whole thing. But that US trip, or LABKIDS US TOUR rather, deserves a spotlight on this little blog of mine. For the purpose of this entry, let me post some photos of the places I’ve been.

Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Ang ganda nito in photos and much more in real life!!
Fall in Sacramento. This is where (my aunt) Mommy Dith lives. I think I took this photo on the morning I went jogging. Ang lamig niyan!
LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW! Again, it’s my first time to see snow. Hindi namin nakita yung mismong snowfall but they were gathered by the road on our way to Tahoe!
Lake Tahoe. I wish to go back on wintertime!
Quickie with L.A. As in sobrang bilis. This is Sta. Monica beach though or ang tinatawag nilang Muscle Beach dahil sa dami ng muscles nga naman!
FLORIDA! This is a manatee river in Tampa. Manatee or dugong. Wala kaming nakita but we had a really nice time here!
Clearwater Beach–where you can find the finest sand in the world! And these birdies na mahilig magpa-picture!
Brooklyn, New York– my home away from home! Saved the best for last. Masasabi kong na-in love ako last year…sa NEW YORK!

See what a little gesture, passwords, can do? Siyempre pinag-ipunan ko yan, tapos yung iba libre sakin ng mga magulang ko, pero diba? I would like to believe na nakatulong yung passwords. I reminded myself about my goal everyday until it finally happened!

I would like to encourage you to do the same. You can share your goal with your friends (maybe not the exact password you’re gonna use) and I’m sure it will also help to have the support of your family and friends. Maybe, you can encourage them to come up with their own goal passwords!

I know I’ll do this again for 2017 pero secret ko na lang muna kung ano yung goal ko. Most of my friends know about it already pero hindi ko na ishe-share dito yun, password din yun no! :))

With love and lakwatsera feet, K.


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