We Can Weekend

I had the best weekend after a long time. And it didn’t even involve spending a lot of money, driving far or booking a plane ticket!

I just shared equal amount of time for my family, for my writing (okay fine, work ‘to) and for my friends. And now, I just want to cap it off by officially allowing myself to (over)share my life in the interweb.

My work doesn’t always allow me to have this kind of weekend (may work pa rin na involved, diba?) and so it’s really a big deal for me when I’m able to sit and share more than two meals with my family; and spend at least four hours with my friends; and still get some writing done for work and for myself.

It’s not the kind of weekend that we all dream of being by the beach, drinking before the sun sets and getting a massage to put us to sleep. By the way, that is not a weekend and should never be the standard for a weekend because then, we’d all be frustrated most weekends of the year. BUT the weekend that I had, simply spending quality time with my peeps and doing what I like (caught a lot of naps too!) made me realise that we can weekend! That two days are just enough to catch up, to do some errands or hobbies and to rest. You just have to make it productive and meaningful. I don’t know what I did differently this time but I consciously thought of both Saturday and Sunday like a normal weekday with much less work. I’m not sure if that made sense but that’s how my weekend began and unlike other weekends, I feel more ready for the week ahead.

Don’t get me wrong, I still wish we had one more day for the weekend. Support ko yung 4-day work day policy but for now, I shall always maximize my weekends this way: productive and meaningful… and hopefully that will always include blogging!!

Welcome to WordPress to me and to us! Yan lang naman talaga ang gusto kong iparating. I am now on WordPress!

With love and sleepy eyes, K.


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